The Information and Computing Center of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies is creating the Voice Library for the Visually Impaired (GASK). More than 100 books have already been professionally read and included in the library fund. The library will work automatically 24 hours a day through a special telephone service (1541).
According to the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, it is difficult for this particular category of readers to go to regular libraries every day. However, any audiobook can be heard by a visually impaired reader.

For this, various audio books were collected in the library to provide people with disabilities with audio books in different genres and styles. The audio library includes works by classical and modern Azerbaijani writers in the Azerbaijani language and works of world classics translated into the Azerbaijani language.

The uniqueness of the presented audio library lies in the fact that a fund of “speaking” books in Azerbaijani for visually impaired will be created.

Users will be able to connect to the new system by receiving an access code and dialing the appropriate phone number without leaving home.

It is important to enter the system, enter the access code, choose a genre, writer, work and listen. You can stop listening at any time and resume listening after a while.

In the future, new books in other languages ​​will be added to this library.

It should be noted that the first presentation of the library is expected in the framework of the exhibition-conference Bakutel-2016 on information and communication technologies.

Ayten Zahra