The meeting with the People’s Artist of the Republic Rasim Balaev was held at the initiative of the Republican Library for the Visually Impaired. The meeting was organized by librarian Shamshieva Mahira. Samyar Abdullayev, President of the Society of Visually Impaired Persons, greeted the guest with an opening speech. He thanked her for accepting the invitation. He told her the words of his heart.
Then the floor was given to the guest. Rasim said he was very happy to meet visually impaired readers. He gave extensive information on theatrical and cinematic activities. He spoke with great joy about the story that happened to him. Readers had countless questions. Among them are Azizaga Huseynov, Suleiman Guliyev, Tofig Balaev and others. Readers asked the guest interesting questions. The guest answered each question with great sincerity. Mutalib, one of the readers, sympathized with the public with his beautiful and sad poem. The guest really liked the poem. He was glad to have such talented people with disabilities.
Readers asked the guest the most interesting questions from the movie “Babek” and even asked him to read the gazelle.
It should be noted that Rasim Balaev was named the best “male role” for the film “Nasimi”. One reader said that all his roles deserve the most beautiful title, and he is an artist in the full sense of the word.
The event was completed by AzRC Vice President Baibal Ibadullayev. He thanked the guest for accepting the invitation. He emphasized the need for Azerbaijani cinema for his people. The guest, who was very pleased with the meeting, thanked everyone.