At the initiative of the Republican Library for the Visually Impaired, a meeting was held at the club of the Society of Visually Impaired with Wahid Aziz, one of the prominent poets of our national poetry, and Jafar Namig Kamal, an actor of the National Academic Drama Theater named after

The event was opened by the President of the Society Samyar Abdullaev. He greeted the guests and thanked him for coming to a meeting of visually impaired readers. Then the floor was given to the organizer of the event, the employee of the library Mahira Shamshieva. Ms. Mahira also welcomed everyone and expressed sincere gratitude to the guests. He quickly congratulated Wahid Aziz on his birthday and wished him good health. There were also writers among visually impaired readers. One of them, the beautiful poetess Sevda Dalidagli, conveyed her sincere words to Wahid Muallim. He read a poem that he wrote. He thanked the guests for coming. Nigar and Ali read verses of Kamala, Shahl and Farida Wahid Aziz. Ms. Kifayat, a music school teacher, sang the song “Injima”, written by Wahid. Ms. Ulker, one of the authors with visual impairments, read Wahid Muallim’s poem, “I have come to you.” He told her the words of his heart.

The poet Mutalib Wahid more attracted the attention of the teacher. He is very
I liked the poem he read. Reader questions have begun. Wahid Aziz gave detailed answers to each question. Jafar Namig Kamal laughed. Three of his monologues made readers laugh. Wahid Muallim, in turn, reads his new poems. The event was drawing to a close. Guests expressed satisfaction with the meeting. After the official part, guests drank tea. With great respect, we said goodbye to the guests.