The Republican Children’s Library named after F. Kocharli on January 1, 1965 was created by decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of the M. Gorky Library Fund. In accordance with the order of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic No. 25 (§ 22) of September 12, 1967, the Azerbaijani literary critic, teacher, teacher, founder of children’s folklore anthology, Firidun bey Kocharli made a significant contribution to the development of children’s literature.
bears. Creation in 1965 of a republican children’s library for children
This was a serious step forward in the formation of the library service and its methodological support system. So, as a result of the creation of the Republican Children’s Library named after the outstanding scientist and teacher F. Kocharli, a nationwide methodological center for library services for children was created.
methodological guidance was provided to other libraries, including more than 3,000 school libraries. Finally, the creation of a methodological center for children’s libraries created the legal, theoretical, methodological and organizational basis for creating a scientific concept for the development prospects of library services for children in the country. To organize the scientific and methodological activities of the Republican Children’s Library on the basis of the latest achievements in librarianship
A rich fund of methodological publications was created in the 1970s. This fund includes literature that reflects all theoretical, methodological and practical achievements and best practices of library services for children. The fund was actively used not only by the library staff, but also by all the children’s libraries working in the country. On its basis, district children’s libraries receive an average of 140-150 entries per year
The link has been sent. Over the years of independence, the F. Kocharli Republican Children’s Library has taken important steps to develop Azerbaijani culture, preserve and transfer our cultural heritage to future generations, rising to the level of world libraries. Thus, links were established with many libraries around the world, libraries for children using their work experience.
The service used the most modern methods and forms.
Founded by the Republican Children’s Library named after Firidun bey Kocharli
Children’s magazine “Rainbow” (from March 2006 to October 2007)
Published under the title “My Baby”) has always been in the spotlight, playing a major role in developing students’ worldview, strengthening their feelings of patriotism, and increasing interest in education. Each issue of this magazine, consisting of 32 pages with colorful illustrations, is met with interest by children. In each issue of the magazine there are significant historical days, holidays, historical and outstanding personalities, information about educational institutions, and children’s literature.
their poems, stories and drawings are published. The magazine regularly informs readers about the arrival of new books in the library. An interesting page and heading of the magazine, saturated with logical questions that serve to increase the intellectual level of children, makes it even more interesting.

The children’s magazine “Rainbow” is distributed in the most remote mountain villages through the Centralized Library System of all regions of Azerbaijan, as directed by the Ministry of Culture. The decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev of October 6, 2008 on the approval of the “State Program for the Development of the Library and Information Sphere in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2008-2013” ​​marked a new stage in the development of library work. To meet the informational needs of readers of the State Program in the Republican Children’s Library. Firidun bey Kocharli has been successfully implementing a mobile book exhibition for children and adolescents for several years – the project “Children’s Book Caravan”. For 3 years (2011-2013)
According to the project, the Book caravan was sent to 16 districts, 14,270 copies of children’s books were handed over. Republican Children’s Library F. Kocharli has been a member of a prestigious organization since 2012 – the International Council of Children’s Books (IBBY). For more than two years, they have been in close contact with the organization, participating in exhibitions and congresses. The main goal of membership in the organization is to direct children’s writers, 8 artists and translators in Azerbaijan to the problems of our modern children’s literature,
Promote our country through the International Council of Children’s Literature and increase children’s interest in reading, applying innovations in the field of children’s literature, to acquaint them with examples of world children’s literature. The Republican Children’s Library named after F. Kocharli will continue to develop at the level of modern requirements in order to increase, develop and improve the effectiveness of its activities in the field of information support.