Readers (users) of the Library Citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and foreign countries have the right to use the Library.

Readers Rights

Readers have the right to use all the services offered in the library, according to the available literature. These include a catalog of bibliographic descriptions, books and other resources belonging to the library fund, information services, copying.

Rules for readers to use the library

3.1. The reader card is the only document that gives the right to use the library. The reader card is issued monthly or annually to those who present an identity card.

3.2. The reader card is considered valid if the reader presents an identity card in person.

3.3 Persons who issue a reader card to other persons or use other people’s reader cards, are deprived of the right to use the library for a period of 1 (one) month.

3.4. In case of loss of the reader’s card, the cardholder must immediately contact the library’s registration office and receive a new reader’s card for a fee.

3.5. When the reader enters the registration field, he must receive an order form by presenting a card.

3.6. In the order form, he orders a book (document, other funds belonging to the library fund), indicating the code, author, name, year of publication, if any, volume (year, month and number for newspapers and magazines). The order form must contain the last name, first name, reader card number, as well as the date and time of the order. Readers entering reading rooms with books, magazines, newspapers, articles belonging to personal or other libraries should make the appropriate registration in the order form.

Rules for using reading rooms

4.1. The number of books or other funds belonging to the library fund transferred to the reading room is limited. Thus, 10 (ten) doctors of sciences, 7 (seven) candidates of sciences, 5 (five) scientists and 4 for each. When in the reading room a large number of readers and the need for the same material or resources increases, the amount of literature to be distributed can be determined by the management of the corresponding department.

4.2. At the reader’s request, a book or other funds belonging to the library fund may be reserved for a period of 10 (ten) business days, and documents should be kept in a designated place.

4.3. It is undesirable to enter reading rooms with books or magazines belonging to personal or other libraries; in exceptional cases, the reader must make the appropriate registration in the order form.

4.4. The reader is strictly forbidden to take out library materials from the reading room. The reader who takes the library funds from the reading room must pay according to the “Punishment Schedule”. Readers who violate this rule twice will lose their right to use library services for 3 months.

4,5. Having left the reading room, the reader must transfer the materials used by the librarian and pick up the reader’s card.

4.6. Bringing mobile phones to reading rooms is undesirable. The device should be used in silent mode when transferred to the reading room.

Reader Responsibilities

5.1. The reader must take care of the book or other collections belonging to the library collection. The use of books or other means belonging to the library fund is prohibited:

– take notes about books and other means;

– fold the pages of the book;

– crushing the skin to open the book and documents to the end;

– tear the pages of the book;

– rely on books and other materials;

– write on a piece of paper;

– open a book over 180o;

– expose documents to direct sunlight;

– do not return documents and library resources after use;

– collect documents in the form of piles;

– rivet unfinished documents;

– use memory cards and other electronic storage media in the library;

– bring food and drinks to the reading room;

– smoking in the library building;

– enter the reading room in outer clothing;

– Moving books to auxiliary funds;

– tear out and remove cards from file cabinets and catalogs.

– Since photo documents are extremely fragile material, readers should observe the following rules when working with them;

– work with clean, fiber-free cotton gloves provided by the photo library;

– the emulsified area of ​​the photograph, negative, transparent document, slide, etc. touching strictly prohibited;

– photographs must be taken with two (two) hands or viewed on thick cardboard;

– The use of adhesive tape, pins, clips, buttons or rubber stationery is prohibited.

– Remove the disc from the envelope with one hand (together with the inner cover) and close the envelope slightly with the other hand. Remove the disc from the inner cover while holding one end of the cover. Do not press the disc physically, as dust falling between the disc and the coating may leave a mark;

– When removing the disc from the inner cover, bend its edge and allow the disc to slide freely into the open palm. So that the lower part touches the bent thumb, and the middle finger holds the label disc. Never pull the disc with your hand;

– While holding the disc, the edge of the disc should rest on the thumb, and the mark in the center of the disc should lie on the other fingers of the same hand. Hold the disc with both hands, placing it on a gramophone.

5.4. When buying a book or other resources belonging to the library fund, the reader should check the completeness of the book or other resource and, if any flaws are found, inform the duty librarian. Otherwise, the detected defect will be accepted as the responsibility of the end user, and the end reader will pay a fine.

5.5. The reader must follow the rules of calm, cleanliness and accepted rules in the library. Discussing in the reading rooms of the library, talking loudly and talking on the phone, drinking tea, having lunch, clogging the reading table, throwing trash on the floor, lying on chairs in the reading room, listening to audio-video materials, behaving unethically, Group discussions in waiting rooms and reading rooms are strictly prohibited.

5.6. When security is required, readers should present a bag that has not been returned to the wardrobe for inspection.

Surveillance cameras work in halls and corridors to improve the quality of service and ensure security.

6. Responsibility of readers

6.1. Persons who deliberately or accidentally caused damage (loss) to a library or library collections bear financial and criminal liability in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

6.2. If a book or other property belonging to the library fund is damaged (torn, dirty, damaged, etc.) or lost by the reader, the reader should replace it as much as possible, if this is not possible, at the same cost as determined by the library’s expert committee. If it is not possible to replace the funds, the reader must pay a fine 10 (ten) times the cost of the funds.

6.3. Persons who violate the rules for using the library 2 (two) times in a row and do not follow instructions are deprived of the right to use library services for a period of 6 (six) months.

6.4. The library takes the following steps to hold accountable those who caused material damage to the library building or library funds and refuse to pay for such damage in accordance with the civil, criminal and administrative laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

– The damage caused to the library is determined and acted by an expert commission;

– if the reader does not take practical measures within 5 (five) business days, he will be given the first written warning;

– if no practical measures are taken within the next 5 (five) business days, give the second written warning to the reader, and send a copy of the warning to the head of the institution where the reader works or studies;

– If, as a result of the second warning, no practical measures were taken, the library contacts the legal department to take the measures provided by law.

Library Responsibilities

7.2. This should create the conditions for the reader to use all the means available in the library.

7.3. The reader should examine the order as deeply as possible and present it in full and as soon as possible within the limits of available resources.

7.4. Explain to the reader the rules for using the bibliographic information service to expand and facilitate the use of the library by readers.

7.5. Serve readers at a high cultural level, fully satisfy their wishes and orders, inform readers about internal library resources, bibliographic descriptions of catalogs, information materials on the research topic, book exhibitions, thematic meetings in order to provide information that is relevant to their interests.

7.6 To work with valuable documents and images, readers should be provided with soft gloves and appropriate instructions.

7.7. Provide polyester sheets for working with cards and photo documents.

7.8. Provide the library with electronic memory cards (for a fee) for the use of resources in electronic format.

7.9. Ensure the accounting, protection and rational use of library collections, check the completeness of materials, make sure that books returned from the reading room or other collections belonging to the library collection are located in accordance with internal rules.

7.10. Make sure that documents issued to the reader are returned at the end of their life;

7.11. Provide electronic access to international electronic sources indicated on the library website.