Subscription Division: The Subscription Division registers readers for the use of library services. Considering the specifics of the work of weak readers when subscribing, books are delivered to the house for 1 month. When the book is presented to the reader, the status of the book is checked.

Reading room: At the request of the reader in the reading room he is given books from the background. It can be MP3 discs, Braille books, newspapers and magazines, traditional books. If accompanied by weak readers, this person; if not, then one of the librarians provides the reader with a reading of traditional books.

Sound recording studios: Voluntary announcers in the sound recording studio perform books, selected by active readers. Then the process of editing and copying the book takes place. Recovering CDs damaged during inventory also happens here. There is also equipment and means to print a limited number of Braille books.

Library: Audiobooks are protected in the library department.

Braille Book Section: The Braille Book Section, as follows from the title, consists of a special Braille book.

Department of Traditional Books: Department of Traditional Books includes Azerbaijani and foreign literature. Readers who have problems with vision or have a family member or close person may use this fund.