The Republican library for the visually impaired periodically conducts interviews with readers. Their opinions, interests, desires and suggestions are taken into account. In accordance with these proposals, meetings are held with poets, writers, actors and various artists. One of such meetings took place on October 20, 2009 in the assembly hall of the Azerbaijan Society of the Visually Impaired with the People’s Artist of the Republic Amina Yusifgizi.

The event was opened by President of the Society Samyar Abdullaev, who spoke in detail about Amina’s work. The organizer and host of the event, Nazli Aliyeva, spoke in detail about Amina’s work. Amina Khanum pleased the audience with her charming and irreplaceable voice, reading verses by Bakhtiyar Wahabzade, Mikail Mushvig, Ali Karim, Jafar Jabbarly, Mirza Alekper Sabir and other poets. Interesting songs performed by the soloist of the ensemble of the Music School No. 38 Kifayat Mikailova added color to the event. The performance of tar and kama, one of our ancient national instruments, made the event even more interesting. Responding to questions from the audience, Amina Khanum expressed particular satisfaction with the meeting. The poet Gulchokhra Nikbin presented her book to Amina. Kalbajar poetess Sevda Dalidagli dedicated her poem to Amina Khanum and expressed her sincere wishes.
In the end, Nazli Aliyeva expressed gratitude to the participants of the event and thanked them on their own behalf and on behalf of the library director Shakhla Valiyeva for accepting the invitation. The participants said that they enjoyed the meeting and were very happy.