Employees of the Republican library for the visually impaired periodically meet with various artists, including actors, singers, writers and poets, at the suggestion of readers. One of these events was organized on April 19, 2010 in the auditorium of the Society of the visually impaired by the chairman of the Union of Popular Poets of Azerbaijan Ashugs Zalimkhan Yagub. Opening the event, the President of the Society of the visually impaired, Samyar Abdullaev, first of all thanked Zalimkhan Bey for accepting the invitation and introduced him to the activities of the Society. Then the floor was given to the director of the recording studio Mays Muradov. In his speech, he spoke about the life and work of Zalimkhan Muallim and touched on various genres of his work. He brought a stat from his poems. The organizer and host of the event, Nazli Aliyeva, expressed gratitude on her behalf and on behalf of the director of the library, Shahla Valiyeva, for accepting our invitation. On behalf of himself and his readers, Nazley congratulated the poet on his 60th birthday and wished him many years of life, good health and creative success. The floor was given to Zalimkhan Yagub. After greeting the audience with applause, he read his poems and expressed satisfaction with the meetings with people with disabilities. The event continued with a speech by Rami, a member of the Ashug Union, who represented the art of Azerbaijani ashug at UNESCO. Ashig Ramin pleased the audience with his performance. Students of music school number 38 took an active part in the event. The song performed by Khatir Hajiyeva, written by the words of Zalimkhan Muallim, added brightness to the event. Then Fatima and Aysel Alizade read intonations of Zalimkhan’s poems. The floor was given to Ashraf, a member of the Ashug Union. His charming voice and wonderful music applauded. The poetess Kalbajar Sevda Dalidagli presented Zalimkhan Muallim with her recently published book “I have lost my father”, expressed her best wishes and read a poem dedicated to Zalimkhan Yagub. The event was continued by students. Aysel Alizade sang a song written in the words of teacher Zalimkhan, accompanied by a piano by music teacher Ilgar Akhmedov. The word was again given to lovers. They revived the meeting with their changing atmosphere. Ali Mutallimov and Aysel Azizova drew the attention of the participants to the poem “O Beloved of God.” The word was again given to the teacher Zalimkhan. At this meeting, he first read his recently written poems and said that he liked this meeting spiritually, and that he was forced to attend visually impaired. Zalimkhan Muallim’s play and singing in a saz made the event even more spectacular. The poet donated several of his recently published books to the Republican Library for the Visually Impaired. This gift aroused joy and interest among readers. In conclusion, Nazli Aliyeva, as the organizer and organizer of the event, thanked Zalimkhan for accepting our invitation, both on her own behalf and on behalf of the library director Shakhla Valieva, for presenting such wonderful moments to our readers. Ms. Nazli Aliyeva thanked students and teachers of music school No. 38 for visually impaired children for their active participation in our events.
our: варианты перевода
our, ours
their, his, my, our
our – определения
belonging to or associated with the speaker and one or more other people previously mentioned or easily identified.
We all laughed at this one but our laughter was cut short as Margaret made her entrance.
used by a writer, editor, or monarch to refer to something belonging to or associated with himself or herself.
So we are asking our readers to dig deep and take the total as high as possible in the coming days.
our – примеры
they’ve lost our number
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